( a loaded gun disguised as a girl )
❝in the middle of it all, she alone stood calmly.❞

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district epsilon.

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( ooc: there is absolutely no excuse for misogyny and i dont want to fucking see it here, in a community that is supposed to be respectful and a safe place for everyone to participate in and enjoy themselves without feeling anxious, uncomfortable, frightened or the like. the same goes for things such as homophobia, transphobia, racism, ableism - you do not harass women, trans people, queer people, poc or any minorities and expect to get away with it because roleplaying is just ‘fun and games’.

i understand there are people who are playing characters who are misogynistic, and that the player themselves does not agree with the morals and ideals of the character, will tag possible triggers, stresses that they will do their very best to consider other peoples feelings, etc. but out-of-character, misogyny is inexcusable. feel free to take the piss and call me a ‘oversensitive sjw’ but i love citta and i want everyone here to feel as though they are in a pleasant, happy environment and get the most out of roleplaying. ) 


Shout out to the rp partners that you don’t reply to for 2 weeks that still have the patience to continue said rp with you.



     “Why does it feel as if I’ve been asleep for days…?”


         ❝…If I may ask, could you possibly recall your last conscious memory prior to this moment?❞



"Yes—I have. Ones made by a wizard, he could even make fireworks look like dragons of old, soaring across your party tables, or dancing figures, stars that looked brighter than actual stars…colors, blue, green and silver, colors you didn’t even know existed. " His voice catches a bit, thinking of it.

"My people thought he was bad company for it, as they tend to keep to themselves but when he made such beautiful things, they wondered why they ever did in the first place. "

For once, Kirigiri’s silence is involuntary. She’s at a loss for words—the concept of a place where such things existed had been something she’d clung to during the loneliness of her childhood. Now, it seems a strange comfort to the woman she has grown to become, but a part of her, deep down and concealed, never ceased entertaining the thought of a world where magic and sorcery were rife.

I, ah… I think that this wizard you speak of… he would have believed it an honour to know you think so highly of his creations even here, while there is so much to distract you from thoughts of home.❞ 



★—”I would quite honestly agree ma’am. Well currently we have the team to help clean up, but thank you for the offer, it’s very kind of you. Examine..? Are you new here or a detective of sorts?”

I suppose you’d have to have a team on hand, what with this city jumping out of the frying pan only to land straight into the fire.


It’s the latter, actually—I work independently, so you shouldn’t worry about any unsavory affiliations… if you don’t mind me asking, have you noticed anything unusual or suspicious within your area as of late?❞



           ❛ ah! it’s nice to meet you, kirigiri. ‘m ruby — ruby rose. ❜

smile cast upon porcelain features whilst
hues of clouded permitted a glance towards
the detective’s face, watching her eyes roll
up and down, casing the huntress. ruby didn’t
very much mind, though. even if she were a 
little unsettled by her immediate guess that she
was a new citizen.

                                       ❛ is it really that obvious? ❜


              ❝Likewise, Ms. Rose. I’m assuming English is your native language, so I’ll refer to you in a more typically western fashion… I don’t suppose you’re all that familiar with Japanese honorifics.❞

In a far less scrutinizing manner, Kirigiri sheds a look upon her that’s something between mild amusement and empathy. Ruby’s presentation is reminiscent to that of a deer in the headlights, so she lets herself relax and fall into a more easy disposition.

              ❝Perhaps not to most. To a person of my nature, however, it’s a little obvious, yes. You shouldn’t worry—newcomers flock into this city so frequently that you’ll hardly look out of place.❞

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