( a loaded gun disguised as a girl )
❝in the middle of it all, she alone stood calmly.❞

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district epsilon.



           ❛ ah! it’s nice to meet you, kirigiri. ‘m ruby — ruby rose. ❜

smile cast upon porcelain features whilst
hues of clouded permitted a glance towards
the detective’s face, watching her eyes roll
up and down, casing the huntress. ruby didn’t
very much mind, though. even if she were a 
little unsettled by her immediate guess that she
was a new citizen.

                                       ❛ is it really that obvious? ❜


              ❝Likewise, Ms. Rose. I’m assuming English is your native language, so I’ll refer to you in a more typically western fashion… I don’t suppose you’re all that familiar with Japanese honorifics.❞

In a far less scrutinizing manner, Kirigiri sheds a look upon her that’s something between mild amusement and empathy. Ruby’s presentation is reminiscent to that of a deer in the headlights, so she lets herself relax and fall into a more easy disposition.

              ❝Perhaps not to most. To a person of my nature, however, it’s a little obvious, yes. You shouldn’t worry—newcomers flock into this city so frequently that you’ll hardly look out of place.❞



           ❛ not really. though, i’m kind of clumsy, heh. ❜

stumbling for a moment, ruby did
her best to regain her balance, & the
strange girl’s steading of her arms
assisting her. 

                ❛ thank you…uh, lady. ❜

      ❝I am not a particularly clumsy person, so it seems like something of an oddity to me… are you prone to spontaneous accidents?

Kirigiri, once sure the other woman is quite steady, releases her hold as gently as one can and takes stock of her appearance.

      ❝You may call me Kirigiri. Am I correct in assuming you’re a new arrival to this city?❞



           ❛ w-w-whoa!! ❜

turns out, when she’s not in combat, she’s not all that coordinated.

With little time to think – and even less time to act – Kirigiri’s arms fly out to to grip the stranger’s forearms in an awkward attempt to steady her.

      ❝Losing your balance out of nowhere like that… how strange.❞



★—”And here they are saying they don’t need protectors, when you can’t even trust them with a couple of fireworks. I don’t want to sound like a cranky old mother hen but that’s a little ridiculous…” 

      ❝It sounds like a classic case of overestimating oneself and one’s capabilities. Would you like any assistance in dealing with the aftermath? At the very least, it would give me an excuse to examine the area…❞


★—”Me neither until I saw the damage that fireworks could do..” 


      ❝The people of this city have a habit of biting off a little more than they can chew… not to mention an aversion to clearing up after themselves.❞



★—”I guess people couldn’t be responsible after all… Come on team, we’ve got a lot of clearing up to do and building-repairs…” 

      ❝I didn’t think it was possible for any further damage to be done.❞



"Not gonna lie— all this talk about food and fireworks and stuff is getting me pretty excited. I don’t think I’ve ever seen real fireworks, before.”

Though, as thrilled as she is to see how the festivities go (They’ll go about without any unpleasant surprises, right? No suns disappearing? She isn’t having that shit a second time.), it’s making her pretty—


… Pretty— pretty hungry, too. Man. She thought she had it bad with the canned beans and squirrel meat.

      ❝I’ve never seen a fireworks display before, either… I heard the noise from afar often, but I was never able to watch something like this.

Kirigiri’s eyes are pewter, shining spitsharp in the muted evening light. Her adult self given a chance to experience one of the many typical childhood affairs she had missed out onher throat tightens at the thought—but Ellie’s stomach rumbles like an impatient beast and she starts slightly, blinks. Regains herself.

      ❝…It sounds to me as though you could benefit from a visit to the food stalls.❞

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❝Oowada-kun… I suppose it was only a matter of time until you ended up here, too.❞

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