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❝in the middle of it all, she alone stood calmly.❞

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district epsilon.


It was raining and our muses are soaked before getting home.


          Closing the front door behind her, Kirigiri shook herself a little and shivered. The weather had turned from somewhat poor to dreadful in such rapidity that the two of them had barely even had the time to register it.

          “Ah, Ikusaba-san… your clothes are sopping wet.” After a brief forage around the room, Kirigiri handed the other woman a couple of folded towels, looking at her with mild concern. “I have clean clothes in my bedroom… you can clean yourself up and find something to change into there, if you’d like.”

          In a sudden movement which, admittedly, most likely caught Kirigiri herself by surprise more than it did Mukuro, she reached forward and gently began to dab at her cheeks and the dripping ends of her dark hair, smoothing it back in an effort to prevent rainwater from falling into Mukuro’s eyes before carefully wrapping the towel around her shoulders. “I think our measurements are similar, so you should be able to fit into whatever you like.”

          Once Mukuro had turned to leave the room, Kirigiri watched her absently, musing inwardly to herself as to whether or not there were any teabags left. It was only after she was out of sight that Kirigiri allowed herself a small smile.



"Is it common to look into other people’s trash, or is it just Kirigiri-san?"

          ❝A detective’s work is rarely ever pleasantries and playfulness, Maizono-san…❞

Let’s Get Fluffy!


☮ - Our muses cuddle up on a couch with warm blankets and popcorn.

✿ - My muse is taking care of your muse who is ill.  

☯ - Our muses are trying on goofy glasses and hats at a novelty store.

♥ - Your muse went in for a kiss but missed and is now flustered.

✌ - Your muse is looking for an article of clothing which my muse has taken.

❤ - It was raining and our muses are soaked before getting home.

❥ - A snowball fight turns into a mini-wrestling match.



"Or you know you can come work at Velvet and pull from the already made files. I mean if you prefer to go through garbage go ahead but personally I prefer to stay clean if I can."

          ❝And if you have nothing on a subject? What then? Sometimes the dirty work is the work that provides the most answers.❞

          ❝It… depends. She’s genuinely conflicted – one one hand, she could do with the employment, but on the other… it’ll most likely mean working in unity with people she wouldn’t trust as far as she could throw. What can you offer me?



"One guy’s junk is another guy’s treasure. Depends on what they threw out, but in my experience junk-yarding, there’s a lot to find!"

"Kind of a shame when people throw out really nice things, though. Like, parts of old tech that could be redone like brand-new y’know?"

          In a time where I was more reliant on material valuables, I would have agreed wholeheartedly… Now, it only provokes the question—considering this city’s repute, what reason does anyone have for throwing out high quality items?

          When everyone is scraping from the same barrel, we shouldn’t be able to afford such waste… it’s suspicious to me.

          ❝Truly fascinating, the sheer amount of knowledge and understanding of a subject one is capable of gathering simply by rifling through their garbage…


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