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❝in the middle of it all, she alone stood calmly.❞

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"Not gonna lie— all this talk about food and fireworks and stuff is getting me pretty excited. I don’t think I’ve ever seen real fireworks, before.”

Though, as thrilled as she is to see how the festivities go (They’ll go about without any unpleasant surprises, right? No suns disappearing? She isn’t having that shit a second time.), it’s making her pretty—


… Pretty— pretty hungry, too. Man. She thought she had it bad with the canned beans and squirrel meat.

      ❝I’ve never seen a fireworks display before, either… I heard the noise from afar often, but I was never able to watch something like this.

Kirigiri’s eyes are pewter, shining spitsharp in the muted evening light. Her adult self given a chance to experience one of the many typical childhood affairs she had missed out onher throat tightens at the thought—but Ellie’s stomach rumbles like an impatient beast and she starts slightly, blinks. Regains herself.

      ❝…It sounds to me as though you could benefit from a visit to the food stalls.❞

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❝Oowada-kun… I suppose it was only a matter of time until you ended up here, too.❞


Fireworks…but they hardly do his any justice.”
There’s no denying the sad, tired tone of the hobbit, who sees them flicker across the sky. Something meant to cause marvel to many..brought him only pain. He swallowed, watching with his heart in his throat. 


      ❝This is my first time watching fireworks, so I can’t make a comparison… but you sound as if you’ve seen a more beautiful display elsewhere.❞



♞ “’Villain’ is simply a term humans created to distinguish between those of varying morals. This isn’t a shounen manga, I’m not about to call myself a villain. My role on the stage is whatever I will it to be, after all.

      ❝But wasn’t it you who was just talking of ‘heroes’? If you’re going to brand others with morals that diverge from your own as such, then perhaps you should accept that while you may not call yourself a villain, there are plenty who will do so without hesitation.

      ❝I’m only making reference to what I’ve heard of you. I’m sure there are people who believe me to be a ‘villainous’ type—morality is too complex to categorize.❞


♞ “You’ve all been prattling on endlessly about heroes for weeks now, and now that I’ve given you all the chance to strut your stuff, you’re blaming me?


But… I’ve done nothing wrong!


❝What interesting logic. I thought a villain as glorious as yourself would proudly admit to her wrongdoing.❞


      ❝It seems as if a day can’t pass without an elaborate new cause for death making its way around this city.




There was a rather huge crowd of foreign faces in front of the idol, all of a sudden. While some seemed as if they had yet to get used to the whole situation like Sayaka, some others appeared as if this whole situation was already part of their daily routine. Trying to gather her thoughts, the girl inhaled deeply.

Maybe she should just ask someone what exactly happened. The video she saw before she found herself in Hive was but a blurry memory, and asking someone might prove that this was just a very cruel nightmare.


Alas Sayaka stepped forward towards the person the most close to her and spoke up.

Pardon my question, but could you please tell me where exactly I am?"

The thing about hair was, it often distinguished a person. When it was most practical—or, arguably, when the weather was not in her favour—Kirigiri would plait the bulk of her hair back into a long, silvery braid, effectively keeping its length in a far more sensible fashion. During the recent months, she had grown rather accustomed to this look, what with the surplus of out-of-doors activity that had become rife within Hive City’s community as of late.

It was a possible factor as to why Maizono may not have recognized her at first glance. Kirigiri’s clothes were far less eye-catching than her usual getup, too; dull, murky colours worn whenever rough work needed to be carried out and she didn’t want to spoil anything of higher quality.

From a rear view, Kirigiri did not currently appear to share much resemblance to the woman Maizono would have remembered her as, at least not in taste and elegance. The voice of the idol, however – a sugary, nervous trill – had caught her by surprise, and she turned on her heel with intentions to respond. 

Upon recognizing the addressee, however, the question lost its way entirely.


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"That’s true," he agrees readily enough, but he’s still watching her with a bit of open curiosity. It passes though and it’s replaced with a contemplative air worthy of the girl across from him. "Did it really destroy all their technology though? There could be all sorts of hidden cameras we don’t know anything about, with things happening just for an illusory loss of control. It never takes them long to get things back on track even when something ‘unexpected’ happens—though I guess this line of thought goes in circles!”

So they’d have to break it, he thinks as he passes a nervous hand through his hair and chuckles. “Maybe one of the new Districts has some clues?”

Kirigiri gets all his attention once more; she has an expression he recognizes very well. 


Naegi smiles. “Of course I do! No amount of discouragement would stop me from following you, Kirigiri-san. I know we’ll figure this out too, just like we always do.”

Perhaps not all of it, if we’re speaking specifically – but certainly a substantial amount, enough for them to panic and recede into the recesses of wherever it is they set camp, thereby leaving Hive City’s population to fend for itself.” She smiles back at him then, grateful. “However, that’s a very interesting point… it’s unlike a brilliant mind to rely solely on a single option alone, don’t you agree?”

Kirigiri pauses, working out a suitable analogy. “Think of this civilization like the human body. While the heart is the principal organ,” she begins, talking far more expressively with her hands than is usual, “a body is useless without an entire system of internal organs working together. It breaks down and eventually fails.”

Her lips thin out, and she reaches abruptly for the cup of coffee, thoughts assembling. There are numerous ways to go about this task, despite its complexity. No matter what, there was always a beginning that could cover enough ground to satisfy a large quantity of her speculation and head them in the right direction.


After taking a few sips, she continues. “You know, I think this has become a case of me following you, Naegi-kun,” Kirigiri’s voice is light-edged, clearly impressed. “Your observational skills really are rather exceptional.”

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