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❝in the middle of it all, she alone stood calmly.❞

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district epsilon.

hopeasis: ★, ❧

 - Do they prefer daytime or nighttime and why?


          ➳    Nighttime, most definitely. Her body clock is adjusted to working late into the early hours of the morning, and Kirigiri finds it far easier to concentrate when the atmosphere isn’t lively and bustling. For her, nighttime is a calm period where she is prone to her most profound thoughts and calculations.

❧ - They receive a bouquet of flowers, how do they react?


          ➳    While it would depend on the flowers themselves, (no time for the cheap wilted stuff) I think she would be genuinely pleased, if rather surprised. The enthusiasm of her response would depend on her relationship with whomever gifted her the flowers in the first place.

murderousmorality: ☁ - If they’re caught out in the rain how do they react?

☁ - if they’re caught out in the rain how do they react?


          ➳    Kirigiri is tolerant of bad weather, however she is wary of heavy rain and storms. She’s also prone to develop minor colds from those conditions so it’s really not ideal, and nine out of ten times she’s less than pleased to be stuck in the rain without means of protection from it.


 - What does ‘love’ mean to them? 

 - What are they afraid of?

♦ - What is one thing about them that they are most proud of?

♣ - What is one thing that they find embarrassing? (About them, others, things in general)

❧ - They receive a bouquet of flowers, how do they react?

 - Do they prefer daytime or nighttime and why?

- Are they prone to nightmares or dreamless sleep?

☼ - Something that/Someone who makes them happy.

☁ - If they’re caught out in the rain how do they react?

 - Are they musically inclined? 

 - What kind of music do they enjoy?

✓ - How do they react to praise?

 - How do they handle rejection?

 - Do they prefer sour or sweet treats?

❄ -  Favourite season and why?

☯ - Do they sleep with the lights on or off?

☮ - Do they have an idol or someone they look up to?

❤ - Do they have a love interest?

✖ - Who is someone they just cannot stand?

♔ - Do they value loyalty?

♕ - Do they trust easily?

☠ - How do they react to death?


  “I know what you mean..” Though Sayaka’s commitment to the idol business did not involve her digging through trash. Other people did that. Sometimes. She didn’t pay much attention to these.. fans.


  “You’re not sure? Then it’s about time we change that, Kirigiri-san!” Within seconds, the idol locked arms with the detective. "I hereby request your company to have fun with me! You need to take a break sometimes, no matter how committed you are."

          ❝I don’t doubt it, Kirigiri responded with a small smile, being in the glare of the public eye so frequentlyI can’t even begin to imagine how grueling that must be. You’re an incredibly hard worker.

          ❝Um… it was the first time in a long time that Kirigiri had been well and truly thrown off balance. As enthusiastic as Maizono was, she felt no hindrance at the idol’s proximity. I suppose it would be alright, for a little while.

{Event 9} R ● A ● M.



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alter·nate uni·verse

  1. An alternative universe (also known as alternate universe or alternate reality), commonly abbreviated as AU, is a type or form of in which canonical facts of setting or characterization in the universe being explored or written about are deliberately changed.

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psa: if you ever have any questions about my character, you are always welcome to ask them. i encourage asking questions for it also helps me develop my character further or help explain something unclear.



"Well sure you have to search around sometimes but really dumpster diving is a little extreme. Especially for little to no reason other than finding irrelevant facts."


"And you’re one of those types I see. Don;t worry, you do whatever cases you want. The pay’s decently steady as long as everyone keeps actually doing their jobs. The only person you’d have to interact with would be me, and even that’s rare if you’d rather work alone. We already have one person who’d rather mope around on his own then work with the rest anyway.”

I once solved a case with a shopping list and some receipts I recovered from a suspect’s recycling bin. While it’s unpleasant, it’s certainly not irrelevant. God is in the detail.❞

Kirigiri crosses her arms slowly, held in silent thought for a moment. ❝I’ll admit it’s a reasonable offer. Would you mind if I took some time to consider it. I need to go over some things before I rush into a decision. I’ve been, ah… out of commission for a while now, let’s say.❞



"You have it really rough don’t you, Kirigiri-san? I am going to make sure that once you’re done with work, you’ll experience something fun! And it’s not going to be related to looking through garbage."

          ❝I’m used to it… my job is rarely ever easy, but I have a commitment to my work, even if it means digging through trash.❞

          ❝I… what do you mean? I’m not really sure if… if I’ve ever had someone request my company to simply have ‘fun’ before…

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