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Apr 14



"Uhh, sure. Yeah I think it will be fun."

❝I’m afraid I’m not much of a dancer myself…❞

Apr 13

8bithope asked: spit it out!

    ❝Does the carpet match the drapes?


derangedflames asked: SPIT IT OUT!

    ❝You’re scaring me!


levitersora asked: Spit it out!

    ❝Care for a dance?


Send ‘SPIT IT OUT!’ and I’ll randomly generate a number. Whatever number it is, my muse will blurt it out to you!


It’s gonna be a mixed bag. Go with caution!

Numbers: 1 - 50

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sontisjustus asked: 1, 10

1. Why did you choose the character you play?

i chose kirigiri because she is my very favourite character, ever (well, she ties with ellie from the last of us). at the time i was looking to get back into a good mfrp and i found citta, and i was really surprised she wasn’t already taken, so i went for it! she’s the character i feel most secure and comfortable rping as.

10. Are there any songs you associate with your muse?

hell yeah there are

( i actually have like 58439357 songs and i’ll probably put them into a fanmix some day but those are ones i can remember off the top of my head )

murderousmorality asked: 6 and 8

6. Are you confident in this muse?

yes! very much so. it’s a huge improvement from when i first started as kirigiri.

8. Do you see yourself keeping this muse?

definitely. kirigiri is the character who i seem to have a never-ending muse for!

Ask the mun time!


1. Why did you choose the character you play?

2. Do you associate yourself with this character in any way?

3. What do you like most about the character you play?

4. What do you dislike about your character?

5. Has your character grown/changed in any way since being brought to the Hive?

6. Are you confident in this muse?

7. Do you have role models among the muns?

8. Do you see yourself keeping this muse?

9. How do you deal with writer’s block?

10. Are there any songs you associate with your muse?

11. If you could tell your character something right now what would it be?

12. Do you think you and your character would get along in real life?

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     ”I hope so. I’ve only been here since November and the weather has been… cold. Guess time will tell.


Who’re you supposed to be, anyways? Think if I’d met someone as pretty as you are, I’d probably remember.

    ❝I’ve not been around for much longer than you, but I’d like to hope that’s the case. I wonder which district would be worst off?

    ❝That’s right, we’ve not met before – my name is Kirigiri Kyouko.❞



to: 霧切 響子
from: 日向 創

TEXT: Oh shit really?
TEXT: What rumor?
To: 日向 創
From: KK

001: Well
002: It's just nonsense regarding myself and Naegi-kun
003: I doubt you'll find much interest in it

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